The administration of the PCPO is comprised of a number of administrators, advisers, researchers, and employees who have sufficient resourcefulness and resiliency to work under hard conditions. We believe that our long experience in the field of opinion surveys, market research, focus group discussions and workshops imparted to us high competency and proficiency. We have established our PCPO in 1994 and since then gained great experience and proficiency in conducting qualitative and quantitative researches and surveys of all kinds, particularly public opinion polls on a large scale of political, economic, social, educational and financial aspects, above all hot issues and topics of current public interest.


Furthermore, we have carried out numerous focus group discussions commissioned to us by local and international firms and institutions, as well as training programs, in-depth studies, marketing research surveys and have one of the most efficient and experienced translators’ team in Palestine; all this under very difficult political and economic situations. We, however, were able to overcome so many difficulties and frustrating situations by our patience, good relations abroad and our distinct experience and proficiency. As outlined below:

All that contributes to the fact that our PCPO staff is the most active conductor of public opinion polls in the Palestinian territories, a matter which brought to us a high standard of local and international reputation.