Poll No. 195

The latest PCPO-poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali revealed the following key results:

  • (83.3%) of the Palestinians support going to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to file war crime charges against Israeli leaders.
  • (53.2%) believe that the Palestinian Resistance won the battle of the “Protective Edge” (“The Eaten Straw”). 
  • (72.4%) are worried about their personal security and that of their families.
  • (55.0%) are pessimistic about the political future of the Palestinian territories.
  • (57.9%) believe that firing missiles is a good idea.
  • (50.2%) evaluated to various degrees the present general situation as ‘bad’.
  • (63.7%) support conducting legislative and presidential elections soon.
  • (82.6%) are in favor of extending the work at el-Karame border crossing to 24-hours (around the clock). 



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Poll No. 194

Dr. Kukali: Escalation of security in East Jerusalem accelerates the ignition of new violent confrontations with Israel.

The Key results of this poll are:


  • (35.8%) of the Palestinian public would vote for Mahmoud Abbas if he would be a candidate for the presidential elections for Fatah, whilst (28.3%) would vote for Ismael Haniyyeh.
  • (54.3%) of the Palestinian public support the two-state solution.
  • (42.3%) support returning to the table of the peace negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
  • (50.0%) anticipate a violent confrontation with Israel as a result of the escalating security deterioration in East Jerusalem.
  • (60.2%) are in favor of the Arab and Muslim visits to Jerusalem.
  • (74.1%) still miss the late President Yassir Arafat.
  • (59.6%) evaluate the Egyptian role in the Palestinian cause as positive.
  • (89.3%) believe that the resolution of the Swedish government recognizing the State of Palestine is a significant step. 


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Poll No. 193

Dr. Kukali: The media play a significant role in affecting the public opinion and building democracy and global peace.


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